Ballroom Dancing in NYC is one of the best ways to enjoy life!

FUN!   FRIENDS!   FITNESS!   ROMANCE!    Ballroom dancing has it all!

Ballroom Dancing Couples Bayside Queens NYCWelcome to the Arthur Murray Ballroom Dance Studio in Bayside Queens, NY. Live your dream of flowing across the dance floor, connecting with that special someone or competing in a national ballroom dance competition.

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Dance Student Testimonial


“I have been a student in the NYC Arthur Murray studio on 57th Street for approximately one and one half years, and I must say that I have been having a wonderful time. My instructor, has been an exceptional instructor whose dedication to my advancement is quite evident in his professional, capable, and knowledgeable manner.”

Professor Leah Sarasohn


”Lights! Camera! Action! Want to feel like a star? Want to put on your best clothes and go to dance parties, meet new people, improve your health, and have a blast?  Well, then you’ve come to the right place!

Hi there, I’ve been a student at Arthur Murray for 1½ years and I would have never guessed how great it has been to take lessons and participate in all the events they offer you. My mental outlook has improved and so has my health. I’ve lost weight, lowered my blood pressure, developed stamina and toned up my muscles. When I go out with friends, they tell me how nice I look.  I dress better and feel more confident.  I’ve even competed and had the time of my life.  After a busy day at work, I really look forward to my lesson at the studio. Arthur Murray has become a bright spot in my life.  Give it a whirl! But watch out for the side effects: giggling, smiling, having a home away from home, and sharing the sheer joy of dancing with others that love it too.”
Terry Kaplan

The Arthur Murray Difference

Arthur Murray Dance Studios have been teaching ballroom dancing for almost 100 years. Our history means that you will have the best possible experience when learning ballroom dancing. The Arthur Murray teaching system is unique in the ballroom dancing industry.

Every student, single or couple, receives private lessons to answer their specific questions and work on their unique needs as well as group lessons to meet other dancers and practice leading and following with multiple partners. Whether you plan to dance as husband and wife or to meet a lot of new friends through ballroom dancing, changing partners is key to your growth and learning as a social partner dancer.

At the Arthur Murray Studios in NYC all of the teachers are certified in the Arthur Murray Ballroom Dance Teaching Method. This method is a step by step process that meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go with your new hobby of ballroom dancing.

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